Founded by critically acclaimed designer Mads Jakob Poulsen, Poulsen Projects was born to be wild collaborate, design confident brands, and to launch iconic products. 

Boutique is our own platform to publish and sell limited edition items designed with the same care and craft we put into our client work. Putting our mouths where our money is we dive in to the process of making — we design, source and develop products ranging from industrial design and wall art, to fashion items and digital interfaces.

Studio is where we do our work for cultural, lifestyle, non-profit, media and entertainment clients, big and small. We apply our unique understanding of the power and importance of the visual language to a mix of mediums ranging from branding and editorial to product and environmental design — no matter the project we focus on a strong foundational idea — then strip away everything else. That's our recipe to achieve iconic and memorable work. Good communication is great for business. We also serve as a creative partner to larger agencies. A kind of design studio/lab/consultancy for the future. 

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Poulsen Projects founder, Mads Jakob Poulsen, is an award winning designer and has been working in design and branding in New York and Copenhagen for the last decade. Mads Jakob Poulsen has worked for global clients, cultural institutions and passionate non-profits, he has served as a juror in award shows, and done lectures internationally, he has also had a logo in space. Before founding his own design studio he worked with international brands as Creative Director at Siegel+Gale and prior to that at Wolff Olins, New York.